Mon, 3rd Dec 2012
Our Arctic underwater world is so rich, fascinating and therefore important in a global context. We work on various projects with research institutions and universities alike and gain a lot of knowledge from this work. Knowledge which should be told. That is why we love to share our fascination, our knowledge and our passion - to divers and non-divers alike.

We offer educational and outreach activities which are suitable for all ages, from school children to adults and for all levels of interest.

During our activities participants will learn about all those little and big secrets of life in the Arctic Ocean and the Barents Sea. We want our guests to experience the Arctic with all their senses, and build an emotional, esthetic and ethical link to our wonderful underwater world - plants and animals alike. We achieve this by combining learning with fun and activity. See a short movie on Youtube about our work. It was compiled as a taster with the background to our participation at the International Polar Year conferences in Oslo, Norway (2010) and in Montreal, Canada (2012).


Not only do we invite guests to our place - we love to reach out, to bring our world closer to you. As part of this we go on board of all Hurtigruten ships during the spring season and hold an interactive seminar. On our Facebook page we offer some pictures for you to explore. Please have a look here:


Another important aspect of our work is assisting with film and TV productions. One recent example is the internationally acclaimed production of "Conquerors - the red king crab", in which we provided diving support. Click here to learn more.


Children are our next generation. That is why we particularly enjoy opportunities to get them involved. Here are some examples from local schools (in Norwegian):

Click here for a report from the school in Berlevaag.

Here is a newspaper article from the school in Austertana:


We regularly invite young marine scientists to take part in our outreach initiatives. This may be as a practical experience after a master`s degree, or in view of finding contacts in the industry. We are hosts with OWUSS (Our World Underwater Scholarship Society - www.owuscholarship.org) and are proud to be able to welcome these brilliant young minds.